How can our training equip and support you?

We offer training both to CBS classes and to churches who would like to use our material in the context of their own structures.


Our aim is to meet leaders’ training needs as soon as possible after they have been identified, for example:

  • When a new class is starting

  • When people take on a new role

  • When someone identifies a training need or opportunity.


There are three main events:

  1. Discussion Group Leader Training (including the Discipleship Module*) – how to facilitate a small group discussion. (about 2 hours)

  2. Wrap-up Talks Training (including the Discipleship Module*) – how to prepare a short wrap-up talk on a Bible passage (about 2 hours)

  3. Coordinator Workshop – discussion of the records and reporting needed in classes (about 1.5 hours)

* The Discipleship Module is a 30 minute interactive session that explores what’s at the core of CBS. Bible study or Discipleship?

We have additional training sessions and other training tools, so every session is effective and fun.


At the present time we are delivering many of our training events via Zoom.

How much?

We don’t charge for materials or training! All of us volunteer our time and skills but we depend entirely on donations to cover any expenses such as purchasing Zoom accounts.

How do I book?

To see the latest event dates and to book a place please CLICK HERE for the booking form.

Continuing support?

Support for classes is always available from our network of Regional Directors and from time to time we visit classes to encourage and support.

More information?

North of England Regional Coordinator -post vacant
North West England Coordinator – Dinah Ball [email protected]
Midlands Regional Coordinator – Virginia Aspinall: [email protected] and Jane Hutchinson [email protected]
Wales Regional Directors – Keith and Natasha Doughty: [email protected]
South of England Regional Director – post vacant
Scotland Ambassador – Beverly Mays: [email protected]
In other areas or if you are uncertain who to contact: Simon Baker: [email protected]

What do they say?



From the online Wrap-Up Talks Trainings

I just wanted to say it was lovely meeting you and thank you so much for the talk today. I really enjoyed it and you made it very understandable and easy.

Thank you so much for that training session – having started a very small
group here I was struggling with the talks – focus on self… and this
session has helped me so much to recapture the essence of what the wrap up
talk is all about. It feels as if I’ve come home again. – Helen

From the online ‘How to Zoom Your Class’ Workshop May 2022

‘Thank you for your patience with us and for probably the best advice ever that can be given concerning software – to play with it and poke it until it no longer has scary secrets.’ NH

From the online Discussion Group Leader training 2022

‘It was great – informative, welcoming and encouraging – everything one would need from such a training session.’ NH

‘Thank you for facilitating the training for us. Waking up early in the morning for that was really worth it for me.’ BC (logging in from another time zone!-ed.)

From the online Wrap-Up Talks training Jan 2022

‘Thank you for the lovely teaching yesterday, it was very inspiring, formative and extremely useful for me. It’s been a long time since I taught. It was great refresher for me. You did a great job and taught us very well’

From the Rothley ‘Discipleship with God’s Word’ Training morning, September 2018 

“Thank you very much for your enthusiastic and informative training this morning.”

From the ‘Discipleship in Discussion Groups’ training in Lincoln, September 2018:

Very stimulating.” “I know a lot more now.” “Most enjoyable.”  “It’s taught us a lot.” “The training is exceptional, I am always blown away, delivery is impressive.” “Loved the games which were a great way to review.” “Thinking about doing things differently.

From the ‘Discipleship in Discussion Groups’ training in Sheffield, August 2018:

Having done CBS training before, it was great to see how the training materials have evolved and are up to date. I feel much better equipped for my role as a CBS leader.