Join us to explore the best-selling book of all time: the Bible.

Together Online groups are Bible study groups facilitated, supported and trained by Community Bible Study UK.

Everyone is welcome, whether studying the Bible for the first time or having done so for many years.
Everyone is welcome, whether considering the Christian faith or a seasoned disciple.
Groups start by studying “The Bible: God’s Amazing Book” and are facilitated by an experienced leader.

Questions? contact us on Messenger or via this website.

What they say:

“I find the videos and the zoom meetings really helpful and find myself thinking about them daily.”
“I have enjoyed having chats and sharing personal stories without judgment.”
“The emphasis on how God speaks to us through all of His Word – how we can really know Him for ourselves – leaves you wanting to go deeper and study more.”
“After the third study I had no doubt that God was calling me to lead the study myself and was pleased that it was arranged by the team.”
“It was largely through the Bible study group that God has led me to want to study more of his Word”

Living life… Together!

You can view a video and sample materials from “The Bible: God’s Amazing Book” here:

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