Together is an exciting new project, confronting the isolation we are all experiencing at the moment because of the COVID19 epidemic.
CBS UK is inviting people from all over the nation to join us online in small groups to study the Bible.  These groups will start by studying ‘The Bible: God’s Amazing Book’.  Each group will have a trained, experienced facilitator to guide them through the process.  Alongside the study the group will be learning the basics of running CBS.  They can continue to study with us online or move to a local class when the social distancing measures allow it. For more information see our video presentation.

If you or someone you know would like to join Together then please click here sign up!

Stories from Together!

I really miss you all already. What a precious having the Bible studying together. Therefore, I would like to request a special prayer, which is: “I am looking for a weekend off chef job because after our CBS studying, our family would like to go to the church every single Sunday to praise and glory God.” Lal Muan

I have found the meeting to be very informal and interesting  over the last 6 weeks coming from a born again Christian whom was lost in the darkness,  I have enjoyed reading the material and the videos are amazing and insightful and a pleasure to watch, the pastor really brings them alive.  Jane

I have been looking for the Bible study group for a while. There are very many Bible study groups and churches in UK – however I could not initially find the one that would really work for me!  Then I found Community Bible Study.  I liked the format…read more. Lina

Together offered me a much needed spiritual boost during this time of lockdown, when my regular CBS Bible study group, church services and other forms of Christian support and development have been restricted.  Such online groups offer learning, encouragement and faith strengthening opportunities in the comfort and convenience of our own homes. Ceppy