Photo by Isaac Jenks on Unsplash

Jen Wilkin offers outstanding advice for Bible study, including how to teach your teens to do it. They don’t need more topical guides geared to their age group. She writes:

“Your teen will be exposed to devotional content and topical studies at every turn, and they likely don’t need a resource that is targeted specifically at their demographic. What most are missing are basic tools to help them read and learn the Bible on their own. By guiding them in some basic study methods, you can position them to use devotional and topical material with far better discernment and far greater benefit, as those types of resources assume a first-hand knowledge of the Bible that many teens have not yet developed.”

She then gives 6 suggestions for how to go about guiding them in this way.

  1. Choose a book of the Bible to read and discuss together.
  2. Get a copy of your selected book of the Bible that has room for taking notes.
  3. Set a schedule to meet once a week for a 30-minute discussion.
  4. Get a bird’s-eye view.
  5. Prepare for discussion.
  6. Meet to discuss.
  7. Pray together.

Wilkin’s advice is outstanding. Check it out!