I am so thankful to God! I met CBS in Athens, Georgia USA where I love serving the class for a few years as a children’s teacher for the 3-year-olds.  My son began CBS since he was 2 years old and enjoyed a few years in the children’s program and now, at age 11, enjoys the program for pre-teens. It’s been a blessing for our entire family. Recently my husband’s work meant a move to London, UK.  Our family has traveled extensively internationally and regularly connects with CBSI contacts around the globe to visit their churches and give and receive encouragement and friendship. One of the first things I did when our London opportunity came was to reach out to the CBS UK website and found the map of classes there. I contacted the leader of class which would be the nearest to where we plan to live in Richmond. She responded immediately and we proceeded to have the sweetest exchange about CBS, her church (her husband is the pastor) and their youth group so that our son Luke could get involved. She and I are the same age and her kids are his age, so I felt like we made our first London friends already!  CBS has always been a connector for us across the world, and it continues to provide us community and blessing no matter where we live. Thank you Lord, for such an impactful ministry that brings believers together to study the Word. Oh did I tell you… I’m so very thankful to God!