How do I get a sample? click on the study name to view or download a sample.

How do I get the full material?

For an established class please use the Study Order Form that was sent when the class was registered. If you need this re-sending please contact Virginia Aspinall.

Otherwise please use the contact form to get in touch.

Can I use a copy on my computer? We are developing CBS Digital.  Watch this space!

What are the differences between Global and Standard studies? For an outline of the types of study and the differences click here

Can I alter the material for my church group? All our materials are copyright in all formats and presentations, please do not make altered versions.

I need materials in another language can you help? CBS material is translated into over seventy languages and used worldwide. Check it out here. (takes you to a different website)

What are the costs then? Thanks for asking…have a look at our page on funding.

Who writes the materials? To read about the Bible study authors, click here.

Where can I ask something else? If you have any queries about our material please contact:  [email protected]