I have been looking for the Bible study group for a while. There are very many Bible study groups and churches in UK – however I could not initially find the one that would really work for me!  Then I found Community Bible Study.  I liked the format of  CBS because from the original sign-up on the website, the whole study platform and resources were very helpful and clear.

I was assigned to a Together group really quickly. The workbook gave me a clear picture of what would be done and when. The questions in the workbook were thought-provoking. The material in each study was of the good value. I really wanted to spend more time thinking through those videos and resources in more detail.

I prayed about joining the CBS family as I really wanted to be and do what God had planned for me and what would be meaningful for me and to others. After the third study with CBS I had no doubt that God was calling me to lead the study myself and was pleased that was arranged by the team.

I am really grateful and feel privileged to be able to co-lead a study from next week onward and I have a feeling that God’s plan is bigger than I could think for myself!

Lina Ambruleviciute