My name is Grace Gale Cedenio-Fernades, from Philippines and currently living in the UK. I grew up in a Christian home. My Dad is a Pastor and was trained to be in the Children and Youth (C&Y) Ministry at the young age. Growing up until now, it has been my desire to continue the call of God in my life for the Children and Youth Ministry.
Five years ago, God brought me to a place where the gospel is not welcome as a Missionary Teacher. I believe that Education is transformational. God used Maths and Science subjects, integrating the Word of God to reach out the young people as a teacher. In that way, we started to form an activity outside school that brought the children and family together. After two years I went back to my home country and served in the Orphanage school.

While waiting to join my husband here in the UK. I prayed that God would connect me to the ministry close to my heart and that to continue His plan and purpose. Deep inside in my heart is the yearning to start Children and Youth Ministry. I prayed to kick off Kids Ministry using the  CBS C&Y material. When the pandemic came, I believed that it was the best time to start off. The need is so strong, so I responded. God is the God of timing. God sent the God’s Amazing Book as the starting material to use. By the grace of God was able to start the Online Children and Youth Bible Study right away, Praise God!

Now we have  10-15 children ages 9-15 in the Philippines and 3 aged 10-17 in the UK. The Bible study is held every Sunday, 7AM UK time and 2pm Philippines time. The children are very intentional in inviting their classmates and friends to join the online meeting. The children travelled to our place just to join the Bible study. It was a challenge at first because we only use one PC and two mobile phones in the Philippines. Since the mobile phone is small everyone shifted and be in one PC. Despite of the situation the children didn’t stop coming and join. They’re even more eager to listen and be with the fellowship. I am so blessed to see the eagerness of the children to answer and engage the lesson. I praise and thank the Lord after the God’s Amazing Book lesson the children has the hunger to read the Bible. And is able to share their experience in reading the Bible.

Please pray:

  • The children’s heart desire to honour and obey God be protected. The Word be kept in their hearts.
  • The teachers assisting me back home