Here are a few ideas about your first class together; each group has different needs so pray first with your team then check through the list and see which ones might fit for your people.

First stuff


Always fun and there are plenty of icebreakers to choose to be had just google “icebreaker” and you will have an avalanche!

Foundational stuff

Introduce CBS

Introduce the CBS approach (use our Welcome booklet for that…available free from your CBS contact.)

Taster session

Do a “Taster Session” with the group. This is a super-short CBS session lasting around 40mins which gives people a great introduction to the CBS approach; it’s especially useful if you have people who are coming along who are not quite sure what its all about or are new to Bible Study.
Here is what one class said about the taster session.“So our first Bible Study was a great success! …and myself got ourselves into a very deep discussion indeed. Despite the fact that we were “only” doing an introductory session of the excellent ‘Community Bible Study‘ program that we plan to follow, we quickly found ourselves confronting some of the most difficult and fundamental issues in the Abrahamic faiths. The questions we posed ranged from Why did God create Pharaoh?, to How can you tell if God is speaking? Together we pondered righteousness, success, the evangelical movement, the relevance of Jewish law to us modern Christians and the benefits of fasting.”
See the materials here and then order print versions via your regional director or [email protected].

Introductory Talk

Ask someone to give a background introductory talk about the Bible book being studied.  Probably 10-15 minutes is enough for most people’s concentration span!


Show the relevant video from the Bible Project or another source.  Bible Project is excellent: do get to know it whether you use it to start or not.  Short videos giving an overview and explanation of every Bible book.

Fun stuff

Pray together

If you already know each other and feel confident together no better start!

Drink tea

or coffee…or something else.  Have a few snacks:)

Eat together

Always a winner.

Share how you came to faith

A great way to get to know each other: just make sure no one is put under pressure to “conform” by giving their testimony.

Final stuff

Show the materials

Hand out materials for next week or the whole course. Make sure everyone understands that before the next session they need to answer the questions for lesson 2 in writing so you get a really good first discussion group.