How can I give financially?

Please note if you are giving on behalf of a class we need you to fill in a finance form.

1. You can give directly:

– Bank Transfer. Please email us on [email protected] for our bank details.

– Via PayPal (including card payments)

– Cheque made payable to ‘CBSI UK’. Please post cheques to: CBS UK, High Barlings, Newball, Lincoln LN3 5DQ. Please include an email address so we can send an acknowledgement.

– Anonymously by debit/credit card or with Stewardship.

2. You can give through your class/group.

Please talk to your class/group leader to arrange this.

Can I Gift Aid my donation?

Since CBS is a registered charity, Gift Aid can be claimed, if appropriate, on your donations. Download a Gift Aid form here. Complete and give the form to your class/group leader to enable us to do this.

What costs do you have?

1. Local

Costs relating to the meeting e.g. rent, heating, printing, refreshments, Zoom subscription etc.

2. Wider

Costs relating to the wider ministry in the UK fall into two principal areas:

a. promoting Bible Study, training of leaders, and helping new classes/groups start.

b. supporting existing classes/groups through our regional network and annual conference.

All CBS UK personnel are volunteers, so all your money goes to the coal face work!

Each class/group and the national ministry are entirely financially supported by the contributions of class/group members.

How much should I give?

There is no set charge to belong to a CBS UK class/group and giving in CBS UK is voluntary so that members who find it difficult to contribute may still attend. As a guideline only, we suggest a registration fee of £10.00 annually and a voluntary offering each time the class meets of what it would cost you to have a cup of coffee out… around £2.00 a week.

Many church groups, rather than charging their members, prefer to make a regular donation, large or small, to help us continue to grow the ministry of CBS UK. Either way, we are grateful to God for your fellowship in giving.