How can our training equip and support you?

We offer training both to CBS classes and also to churches who would like to use our material in the context of their own structures.


Our aim is to meet leaders’ training needs as soon as possible after they have been identified, for example:

  • When a new class is starting

  • When people take on a new role

  • When someone identifies a training need or opportunity.


There are three main sessions

  1. What’s at the core of CBS, Bible study or Discipleship? – (about 1 hour)

  2. Discussion Group Leading – how to facilitate a small group discussion. (about 1.5 hours)

  3. Wrap-up Talks – how to prepare a short wrap-up talk on a Bible passage (about 1.5 hours)

We have additional training sessions and other training tools so every session is effective and fun.


We aim to deliver the training as close to the leaders’ location as possible, at a convenient time.

How much?

We don’t charge for materials or training!  Nearly all of us volunteer our time and skills but we depend entirely on donations to cover expenses.

Continuing support?

Support for classes is always available from our network of Regional Directors and from time to time we visit classes to encourage and support.

More information?

North of England Regional Director – Ali Woodman:
Midlands Regional Director – Virginia Aspinall:
Wales Regional Directors – Keith and Natasha Doughty:
South of England Regional Director – Bonnie Fletcher:
Scotland Ambassador – Beverly Mays:
In other areas or if you are uncertain who to contact: Simon Baker:

What do they say?

From the Rothley ‘Discipleship with God’s Word’ Training morning, September 2018 

“Thank you very much for your enthusiastic and informative training this morning.”

From the ‘Discipleship in Discussion Groups’ training in Lincoln, September 2018:

Very stimulating.” “I know a lot more now.” “Most enjoyable.”  “It’s taught us a lot.” “The training is exceptional, I am always blown away, delivery is impressive.” “Loved the games which were a great way to review.” “Thinking about doing things differently.

From the ‘Discipleship in Discussion Groups’ training in Sheffield, August 2018:

Having done CBS training before, it was great to see how the training materials have evolved and are up to date. I feel much better equipped for my role as a CBS leader.

From the training of a new class in Manchester, Oct 2016:

We do thank God for the great ministry of CBS. The training last Saturday was a great blessing to us and our group was able to take full advantage: everyone was very happy with it. It was very useful and we were all challenged to get started straight away each one with a new group.
The team you sent was absolutely first class.

From a 2015 National Training Day:

….it was the best training yet.   I loved the new style and it has definitely gone up a notch.   All the hard work you and your team have put into it has paid dividends.”

“Thank you for your excellent training on Saturday.  God has given you a gift of teaching and I found it very helpful to learn the CBS techniques of study, and discussion leadership.