Regional Directors

Classes in the UK regions are supported by a regional team headed up by Regional Directors.  Theirs is the responsibility to ensure our passion for “Everyone in the world … in the Word” is fulfilled as well as supporting existing classes in their region. Our Regional Directors are part of  the National Servants Team.


Our Ambassadors (formerly Calebs) assist Regional Directors (or in some areas where there is no Regional Director do the work of the RD).  Their work has a particular emphasis on growing classes in the region. For more information about our Ambassadors click here.

Assistant Regional Directors

are CBS UK members who are appointed by their Regional Directors for the task of extending the work of CBS in the region and supporting existing classes.

Class Visitors

are CBS UK members who commit to encourage, support and visit another CBS UK class. This is done through telephone contact, email or regular mail as well as through regular visits to the class. Class Visitors are appointed and trained by the Regional Director.