Choosing the first study for your group is an important decision.  It’s good to find the opportunity to pray this through with your new team.

Bible overview

If you prefer to start with an overview of the Bible itself, our study ‘God’s Amazing Book’ might be for you.  Its seven sessions give you an overview of the Bible. Check out a sample here.

Dive straight in

You may like to start straight into the Bible books with one of our six-week Global studies. Click here to see what’s available.

Building it

Alternatively our team building study, ‘If You Will Pray’ will help you discern your vision and define your individual roles, using the powerful tool of prayer whilst studying the great “building book” of Nehemiah.  Download ‘If You Will Pray’ here.

The whole range

If you would like to see the wider choice of all our studies in both Standard and Global series click here.

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