Small groups are widely regarded as essential for healthy church growth. CBS can help your church fulfil its vision for small group discipleship and growth in depth and in numbers.

What courses do you offer?

Community Bible Study UK offers three pathways of studies. Choose the pathway which best suits the make-up of your groups. The studies are short and can be easily accommodated to fit with the wider needs of the church’s timetable and strategy. Single lesson studies (‘tasters’) are included so the participants can easily invite others into the group. All the studies are focussed on making disciples and life transformation in the context of community.

Three alternative pathways:

The numbers of lessons in each study is shown in curly brackets like this {7}.
Where studies are underlined, they are linked to a sample of the study. Click to view the sample.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we do! CBS works well ‘out of the box’ especially our ‘the Bible God’s Amazing Book’ study. Most of your group leaders and co-leaders will benefit from training which will hone their skills as well as helping them to get the best from the material. We train on Zoom and offer three courses for churches:
– Discussion Group Leadership;
– Giving a short talk;
– Getting the best from Zoom.

Do you have any courses for children and youth?

Yes, we do! We have courses which are designed for all ages from toddlers to teens. Our courses for school aged children work alongside our adult materials to drive multigenerational discipleship. We offer training to get the best out of the materials. Get in touch so we can tell you more!

Do you support multiple languages?

Yes, we do! CBS has materials in over 70 languages so let us know if you need multiple languages in your church.

How much does it cost?

We don’t charge but invite churches to donate to help us to continue and expand the ministry when they order materials. Materials are sent in pdf format, and you are invited to print copies as you need them.

Sounds good, how do we start or find out more?

You can email us by clicking here. If you include your phone number in your message, we will be glad to call you back.


CBS has been a great blessing to us. This donation is minimal to the effect your material is having on our group. Elem Pentecostal Church, Brockley