Could you take a Memo please?

Talbot Davis makes a helpful point about the process of divine inspiration with respect to the letters of Paul: Muslims contend that the Koran is straight dictation — all Allah, with no Mohammed filter at all. The Christian conception of the Bible is quite different.  We believe the God-breathed message of the Word gets delivered most compellingly

3 Rules for Using Commentaries

The Logos Talk blog has a great, brief article with “3 Rules for Using Commentaries.” These rules are similar to the “4 Mistakes When Using Commentaries,” which I posted in 2012. But the Logos post goes into more helpful detail. The 3 rules are: Bring opinions to the commentary. Bring questions to the commentary. Bring

The Best Way to Equip Your Teenagers

JANUARY 16, 2019  PETER KROL Jen Wilkin offers outstanding advice for Bible study, including how to teach your teens to do it. They don’t need more topical guides geared to their age group. She writes: “Your teen will be exposed to devotional content and topical studies at every turn, and they likely don’t need a resource that