Gillian’s story

A mission at our new church bowled us over. We experienced the explosive dynamic of the Holy Spirit!  We recommitted our lives to Jesus Christ!  David and I had just relocated, with our teenage family, to be nearer his new job in Hinckley in Leicestershire. I had left my teaching job and was at a

Joyce’s story

God broke into my life in 1981, when a sermon spoke directly into my heart – “declutter your commitments and make way for God to do something new in your life”. I started to declutter and a couple of months later a friend gave me a Campus Crusade magazine saying, “Here, I think you need

Thera’s story

Everywhere I went that summer of ‘78, starting in Boston and on across the US, I kept hearing about this CBS study! Looking back it was amazing because CBS, at that point, had only been in existence for three years! My last stop on that trip was in California. I was visiting some of the

Marilyn’s story

I was involved in the London Bible study class that Thera Barber was teaching back in the 1970’s.  When Thera came back from her visit to the States and suggested that we start this CBS class, we all thought it would be a great idea to try it and see how we got on with