Overcoming Fear

I help lead a small CBS class in Wales and during the spring and summer lock-down months was faced with the prospect of our little group of older persons grinding to a halt! The class has been meeting  faithfully for a number of years and are very interactive and supportive of each other, eager to

Could you take a Memo please?

Talbot Davis makes a helpful point about the process of divine inspiration with respect to the letters of Paul: Muslims contend that the Koran is straight dictation — all Allah, with no Mohammed filter at all. The Christian conception of the Bible is quite different.  We believe the God-breathed message of the Word gets delivered most compellingly

Michelle’s story

Reading the Bible with Community Bible Study (CBS) has led me to believe that the Bible is truly God’s Word.  I was raised in an observant Jewish home. My faith has grown year after year as I study the Bible. There is no question in my mind that the Bible, Old Testament and New Testament, is


I am so thankful to God! I met CBS in Athens, Georgia USA where I love serving the class for a few years as a children’s teacher for the 3-year-olds.  My son began CBS since he was 2 years old and enjoyed a few years in the children’s program and now, at age 11, enjoys