A New Year begins…

A new year begins and Christmas is behind us. We look to the future with excitement, uncertainty perhaps even fear – but we walk into the new year with God. Many people were involved in the Christmas story – some had large parts and some small but all were essential. Your part in your CBSI

Welcome Back!

The new National office is up and running! We have held our first round of meetings here and have all systems working. Welcome back to your new classes and God’s blessing on you all as you study His word. A special welcome to the new classes and the Children and Youth classes that have started

New National Director

Today, 1st August, the National office officially opened in Leicester and I, Steve Owen, have taken over from Veronica Alvarez as National Director. I would like to thank Veronica for all the work she has put in over many years and wish her well in her new role in Europe. I look forward to working with

Spiritual Food comes from the Bible

In 1854 Catherine Mumford, the fiancé of William Booth the founder of the Salvation Army, was persuaded to write her first published article by her ‘husband to be’, at  the age of 25. William had started preaching and a revival was sweeping parts of the country meaning there were many new Christians to be looked after.

Quote of the Week

Quote of the week from Mandy Smith, former wife of Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman, when interviewed recently on a Christian TV Network about her favourite Bible Verse, explained how much she now loved reading the Bible having become a Christian. She said how wonderful it would be if there were local groups around the country

Why do we get stale?

Why do we get stale? Like bread left in the bread-bin, like wine opened and left in a cupboard, we can become spiritually stale if not refreshed and replenished regularly. We loose our appetite.  Mr. Polly in the History of Mr. Polly by HG Wells said that he only read books when other things in his