Newsletter August 2017

I have been in the garden.  I have been thinking about Jesus’ stories, the ones where he sets the scene in a garden. Everything is growing in the sunshine after the rain and it feels new and fresh. Sometimes our hearts need a refresh, a restart to a better rhythm.  Sometimes our imaginations need opening…

Hilda and the Begonia

Last year we put an automatic watering system in the garden.  She is called Hilda (I’ll tell you why another day).  She is very, very clever and turns herself on for 20 minutes early in the morning and 20 minutes at night. Our initial hope was that she would keep the plants watered when we

Hannah’s Sacrifice

I was reading 1 Samuel 1 20-28. It was one of the readings for Mother’s Day last Sunday. Everyone always talks about Hannah’s sacrifice as it was huge! I can’t imagine having to do that. It was her husband Elkanah who not only agreed, but set the boundaries in place. It was his statement at

The Story BEHIND The Story

A friend recently told the story behind the popular ancient hymn “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”. It was originally written by Joseph M. Scriven as a poem in 1855 to comfort his mother who was living in Ireland while he was in Canada. The story of Joseph Scriven is one of disappointment, trials