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“Our Father…”

Prayer is at the heart of what we do in CBS, talking to God about our lives, the lives of those we know and those we don’t know, prayer for our household and for our world. Prayer, talking to Father, is what makes us and keeps us a community and a family.  We pray in class as we meet together, group leaders pray for the participants and we pray for one another.

Prayer for the UK

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Prayer for Europe

We link in prayer through the Link to Europe scheme which seeks to link our classes with European countries. If you would like your class to join please click here.

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Thera’s story

Everywhere I went that summer of ‘78, starting in Boston and on across the US, I kept hearing about this CBS study! Looking back it was amazing because CBS, at that point, had only been in existence for three years! My last stop on that trip was in California. I was visiting some of the

The Best Way to Equip Your Teenagers

JANUARY 16, 2019  PETER KROL Jen Wilkin offers outstanding advice for Bible study, including how to teach your teens to do it. They don’t need more topical guides geared to their age group. She writes: “Your teen will be exposed to devotional content and topical studies at every turn, and they likely don’t need a resource that

Think about our loss…

…if God’s message to mankind had not been written down. The greatest story in the world would have been confused with centuries of man’s ideas. Thank God for preparing and preserving the Bible. It is the only true account of God’s divine plan of redemption. Through it we can know the heart of the Father

Marilyn’s story

I was involved in the London Bible study class that Thera Barber was teaching back in the 1970’s.  When Thera came back from her visit to the States and suggested that we start this CBS class, we all thought it would be a great idea to try it and see how we got on with

Thera’s story

The seed was planted in the late 60’s. I was on the staff of CRU (known then as Campus Crusade for Christ) working on the UC Berkeley campus in the midst of riots and demonstrations over the war in Vietnam. It was high turmoil. Just across the Oakland hills in a much quieter setting, a

Newsletter August 2017

I have been in the garden.  I have been thinking about Jesus’ stories, the ones where he sets the scene in a garden. Everything is growing in the sunshine after the rain and it feels new and fresh. Sometimes our hearts need a refresh, a restart to a better rhythm.  Sometimes our imaginations need opening…