The Story BEHIND The Story

A friend recently told the story behind the popular ancient hymn “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”. It was originally written by Joseph M. Scriven as a poem in 1855 to comfort his mother who was living in Ireland while he was in Canada. The story of Joseph Scriven is one of disappointment, trials

A New Year begins…

A new year begins and Christmas is behind us. We look to the future with excitement, uncertainty perhaps even fear – but we walk into the new year with God. Many people were involved in the Christmas story – some had large parts and some small but all were essential. Your part in your CBSI

Welcome Back!

The new National office is up and running! We have held our first round of meetings here and have all systems working. Welcome back to your new classes and God’s blessing on you all as you study His word. A special welcome to the new classes and the Children and Youth classes that have started

New National Director

Today, 1st August, the National office officially opened in Leicester and I, Steve Owen, have taken over from Veronica Alvarez as National Director. I would like to thank Veronica for all the work she has put in over many years and wish her well in her new role in Europe. I look forward to working with