Can I or my CBS group contribute financially to the ministry?

Yes! That would be great! All this activity does need finance and there are costs that occur in running CBS UK.  There are:

Local Costs
The costs which relate to class rent, heating, printing, refreshments etc.

Wider costs
Costs which relate to the wider ministry in the UK.  Of those there are 2 main wider costs we have:

  • Promoting the study of the Bible “Everyone in the world …in the Word.” and training of leaders and helping them start new classes.
  • Supporting existing classes through our regional network and annual conference.

None of the CBS volunteers, locally or nationally, receives any payment for their time and work, just expenses. (Only our very part-time National Administrator is paid).

Each class and the national ministry is financially supported by the contributions of class members.

How much should I give?

There is no set charge for the course and giving in CBS is voluntary so that class members who cannot contribute may still attend.  As a guideline only, we suggest a registration fee of £8.00 annually and weekly donation of what it would cost you to have a cup of coffee out…around £2.00 a week. On the other hand, some church groups, rather than charging their members, prefer to make a regular donation large or small to help us continue to grow the ministry of CBS. Either way, we are grateful for your fellowship in giving.

Can I make a donation direct to CBS UK?

Yes, please! You can see more details here.

Can I Gift Aid my donation?

Since CBS is a registered charity, we also offer the option of Gift Aid for your donations (but not the registration fee). Here you can download a Gift Aid form.


Registered in England and Wales. Charity No 1044255

Registered in Scotland. Charity no. SC0037863