“My children are much better with computers than I am.” “If you are stuck on the computer ask a teenager!” Do you know a younger person who is good with computers too? Or maybe it’s you who is great with computers! The generation now aged under and around 35 years was raised in an environment with computers. Computers are second nature to them. Computing has shaped their thinking and especially their approach to learning. They expect to find all they need online. They read the media on their digital devices and use social media extensively. Then we give them a big book – the Bible! Lots of words on a page, no shortcuts, no pictures, no video… A digital divide has opened up between them and the Word of God.

How many under 35’s are there in your CBS class? Not many? Shouldn’t we bend over backward to make it easy for under 35’s to study the Bible too and follow Jesus too? Shouldn’t we do all we can to make sure they are not put off by the idea of Bible study? God is making a way for them to interact with the God of Scripture in a way which is natural and native to them! A way for them to cross the digital divide safely! Through CBS Digital, God will fill that space with His Word giving them the water of life and not the water of drowning! So what is CBS Digital? In essence, it is CBS on a device which is connected to the internet. So it’s still CBS in discussion groups sitting together, just with a device instead of paper – after all didn’t God himself write on “tablets”? In one class there could be a mix of paper and digital users. The most important thing though, is that it welcomes the under 35’s to our studies in their “language”… digital. 

Want to know more? CBS Digital is in development