A few years back, on a ski-ing holiday in the French  Alps, I was feeling rather proud of myself, having progressed further than I had on previous years (always on the nursery slopes and the blue runs!).  This year, the scenery was lovely, it spurred me on, higher and higher and onto runs I would never have ventured on previously.   Still slightly nervous about the challenge, but with a sense of adventure.  Suddenly arriving at a chair lift that took me from one mountain to another.  I daringly leapt on, only to find that I was on a double chair lift on my own, the bar having come down too quickly, not anchoring me in, so my legs were dangling with skis weighing them down, pulling me out of the chair as I took off between the two mountains.

As I looked down at the valley below, where everything was in miniature, but sounds seemed to be amplified,  my head started to spin.   I realized that fainting was a real possibility as I  understood the danger I was in.

A spur of the moment decision, a silent voice telling me to look up and not down, the (rather loud) singing of the hymn, ‘How Great thou Art’ and danger was averted.   I arrived at the other side unscathed, having been taught a great life lesson.

We are often asked to do things that stretch us, open us up to danger, challenge and confront us with situations that are beyond our control and worrying.   However we have a God who is able to keep us from ‘falling’.   He asks us to look up and not down, trust Him in every situation you are in.

Psalm 94:18-19 New International Version (NIV)

18 When I said, “My foot is slipping,”
your unfailing love, Lord, supported me.
19 When anxiety was great within me,
your consolation brought me joy.

Blessings,  Veronica Alvarez (Regional Director, Europe)