1. Pray!

Ask God to show you and strengthen you for His work. Look prayerfully at our website and our Welcome Brochure.

2. Ping

an email to CBS UK regional leadership.  The easiest way is to drop us an email.  If you can, include your phone number and your postcode. We will come alongside you in the process of starting and registering your class.

North of England – Ali Woodman: alison@cbsuk.org
Midlands – Virginia Aspinall: virginia@cbsuk.org
Wales – Lathan & Dinah Ball: lathan_dinah@cbsuk.org
South of England – Bonnie Fletcher: bonnie@cbsuk.org
Scotland please contact Beverly Mays: beverly@cbsuk.org
In other areas or if you are uncertain who to contact: Simon Baker: simon@cbsuk.org

3. People

A team is essential.  Look for 2 others who can continue to pray with you and help you get the group started. If there is a local CBS class near enough you might want to go and experience a class there. Classes can be small groups of three people to large classes of 60-plus with several discussion groups.


4. Place

Decide where you will meet.  In a home, in a church, in a public hall, in a restaurant.  Ask “Where people will be most comfortable to come?  Whats best for the people I am inviting?”

5. Pick a study

This is the fun bit.  Most classes start with a short New Testament study in our global series and you can see the samples and list of studies here.  Alternatively our team building study, ‘If You Will Pray’, will help you discern your vision and define your individual roles, using the powerful tool of prayer whilst studying the wonderful book of Nehemiah.  View a sample.

6. Promote

How can you best let people know about your class? Church notices, Facebook and other social media, posters in churches or other public places, local magazines?  We have promotional material which can be printed with your group’s details.  We offer to cover the cost of printing via our approved printer, who will post the material to you if you are starting a new CBS group. Your regional CBS leader can help you.  A taster session is short (40m) promotional CBS session with all the essential elements.  It serves to tell people what CBS is all about and is a great way to get started. People should feel comfortable, confident and cared for in your group.

7. Pray some more and get started!

We would love to come alongside you in prayer through our established network of intercessors.

Your first day will be introductory. A time to explain how the study works, encourage people to prepare their studies for next week, discuss finance and just get to know each other.  Prepare an introductory talk for the book you will study (or show the relevant Bible Project video).


We offer training without charge, local to you.  Groups which have been trained get the best from the materials and grow well. Further details about how to get training are here.