There are two types of  study material:

1. Global Studies

These are the latest versions of our studies with fewer cross-references, a more modern looking layout and more direct and easily understood language construction. The studies are suitable for teens and adults and very good for people who are starting to study as well as those who have been studying a while. It focuses on a strong challenge to the heart.  They are great if you are starting a group or hoping to invite new people into an existing group…so that’s most of us! Here is our list of Global study materials with samples of each.

2. Standard Studies

The standard study material is more in-depth and has more questions per lesson. This material invites you into the background passages via cross-references to see how the Bible is all one book and at the same time deeply challenges both our understanding and obedience to God’s Word. Here is our list of standard studies with samples of each.

All our study material may be spiral bound, or printed as individual studies and are supplied electronically as .pdf files.  If you have difficulty in viewing files you may wish to download the latest version of the free Adobe Reader by clicking here.

All our materials are copyright.

CBS material is translated into over seventy languages and used worldwide.

I am interested, what are the costs then?

Thanks for asking…have a look at our page on funding.